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CAFE: Calculating Avian Flight Energetics

CAFE: Calculating Avian Flight Energetics

Using body mass, fat mass and wingspan data of birds entered by a researcher, CAFE calculates flight energetics, potential migration distances and flight speeds. Formulas and calculations in CAFE are based entirely upon those published in Pennycuick (1989): "Bird Flight Performance: a Practical Calculation Manual", Oxford University Press. Any questions regarding specific formula calculations should be investigated there, and all publications using CAFE should cite Pennycuick (1989) as well as CAFE. All variable names and abbreviations have been kept as close to those used by Pennycuick (1989) as possible.

Although Pennycuick (1989) included a 5.25" floppy with programs in BASIC which performed functions similar to those of CAFE, several improvements have been made by this rebirth. These include:

(1) cross-platform utility
(2) multiple record input capability 
 (3) the ability to both read data from and save output to tab-delimited files (such as those created and read by spreadsheet applications).

One of the Hardest Workin' Birds out there, the Red-throated Loon, Gavia stellata.



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